19.01.2017 | News der MIE-Gruppe

ChemBioSys funds PhD Position of Rebekka Sontowski

Logo ChemBioSys

Logo ChemBioSys

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Professor Nicole van Dam’s application ‘It takes three to tango. Tripartite interactions between cabbage root flies, their gut microbiome and host plant defence compounds’ was granted by ChemBioSys. ChemBioSys is a collaborative research center exploring fundamental regulatory processes in complex biosystems. Nicole van Dam’s project will assess the relative importance of gut microbial communities and native enzymes in the detoxification of glucosinolate breakdown products by two specialist Delia species feeding on Brassica roots. Therefore, genomic, transcriptomic and experimental approaches will be used to analyse this topic. This project includes a PhD position, which will be occupied by Rebekka Sontowski, who has a research assistant position in the Molecular Interaction Ecology group at iDiv. She did her Bachelor’s and Master’s at Leipzig University working with endosymbionts in insects in her theses. Her interests belong to host-symbiont interactions.

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