15.01.2015 | sDiv

Finale Ergebnisse des 3. sDiv Calls

Uns erreichten im Zuge des 3. sDiv Calls zahlreiche Proposals von hoher wissenschaftliche Qualität. Nach langer interner Prüfung und Diskussion hat das sDiv-Komitee entschieden 9 internationale Workshops und 2 individuelle Postdoktoranden-Projekte zu fördern. Nachfolgend eine Auflistung der Projekte:


International workshops:

"Quantifying biodiversity change through time (sChange)”

main applicants: Sarah R. Supp  (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Maria Dornelas (University of St Andrews)


"Towards understanding the causes and consequences of epigenetic diversity (sEpiDiv)”

main applicants: Katrin Heer and Lars Opgenoorth (both University of Marburg)


"Scaling shrub expansion from site to biome Manuscript finalization working group" (sTUNDRA II)"

main applicants: Isla H. Myers-Smith (University of Edinburgh) and Anne Bjorkman (iDiv)


"Global Changes in Marine Plankton Diversity and Productivity (sMarD)"

main applicants: Aleksandra M. Lewandowska (University of Oldenburg) and Boris Worm (Dalhousie University)


"Community Assembly and the Functioning of Ecosystems in Open Systems (sCAFE)"

main applicants: S.K. Morgan Ernest (Utah State University) and Mathew Leibold (University of Texas at Austin)


"Synthesis on Pollen Limitation and Terrestrial biodiversity (sPlat)"

main applicants: Tiffany Knight (Washington University, iDiv), Tia-Lynn Ashman (University of Pittsburgh) and Janette Steets (Oklahoma State University)


"Linking ecological stoichiometry with environmentdiversityproductivity relationships in grasslands (sToichNutNet)"

main applicants: Elizabeth Borer (University of Minnesota) and Anne Ebeling (University of Jena)


"Expanding Neo-Chessonian coexistence theory towards a stochastic theory for species rich communities (sNiche)"

main applicants: Thorsten Wiegand (UFZ) and Stan W. Harpole (iDiv)


"Functional Information: its potential for quantifying biodiversity and its relation to ecosystem functioning. Function, Information and Biodiversity (sFIND)"

main applicants: Keith Farnsworth (Queen’s University Belfast) and Ivo Große (University of Halle/ Saale)



Individual Postdoc projects:


"Drivers of plant diversity across spatiotemporal scales: integrating ecological, evolutionary and environmental processes”

Postdoc: Juliano Sarmento Cabral (University of Göttingen)


"Assessing extinction: Crossover of geometrical, macroecological and Bayesian perspectives”

Postdoc: Petr Keil (Charles University in Prague)

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