11.11.2015 | Bioinformatik (BIU), Forschung, Biodiversitätsinformatik (BDU), iDiv

Informatics Knowledge Sharing Group formed

[Translate to deutsch:] iDiv Informatics Knowledge Sharing Group (IKSG)

[Translate to deutsch:] iDiv Informatics Knowledge Sharing Group (IKSG)

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The first kick-off meeting of the Informatics Knowledge Sharing Group (IKSG) took place on 6. November 2015 at iDiv in Leipzig. The group is initiated by Dr Jitendra Gaikwad from the Biodiversity Informatics Unit (BDU) and consists of 33 researchers nominated by their respective research group from iDiv. The group is formed to capitalise and develop synergies by sharing informatics knowledge available within the research groups and eliminate build-up of siloed informatics environment.

Biodiversity data and information is a valuable asset which is scattered along with its associated informatics knowledge that iDiv researchers possess, in heterogeneous forms. Typically, this leads to redundant workflows, inefficient data management and information silos rendering data discovery difficult and its use sub-optimal. To avoid these pitfalls, the group will proactively work with fellow researchers within and outside IKSG to develop informatics knowledge sharing culture, sustainable data management program and facilitate integration of informatics environment. 

iDiv strongly encourages creating linkages and research collaboration between people and group like the IKSG will strengthen links between informaticians and biodiversity researchers for better understanding of informatics requirements. Further, the IKSG will provide advice to BDU on the business rules to better develop user-friendly data management infrastructure and implement best practises so as to align informatics strategies with iDiv vision and mission.

During the meeting the group discussed topics such as data standards, data quality, data collection and storage workflows and data management relevance. As its first task the group will conduct inventory of data resources available within the iDiv consortium.

The group has decided to meet bi-monthly and the next meeting will take place on 15. January 2016.

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