30.01.2020 | News der MIE-Gruppe

MIE welcomes Guadalupe Andraca Gómez, Stefanie Döll and Jessil Ann Pajar

Photo: Stefan Bernhardt

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The Molecular Interaction Ecology group has welcomed three new group members in January.

Dr. Guadalupe Andraca Gómez has started working on the InsektMobil project. This citizen science project aims to monitor insect diversity and abundance in Germany. Guadelupe will perform metabarcoding procedures to identify insect species in the samples provided by participants of the project.

 Dr. Stefanie Döll joined the ITN TreeDi, a training network funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). In her project, Stefanie will analyze tree root exudates sampled from the BEF China experiment. The trees on the BEF China site are planted in plots of different (functional) diversity levels. By characterizing the metabolome of these trees Stefanie studies how tree species interactions can drive changes in root exudation patterns and profiles.

Jessil Ann Pajar has started her project on plant mediated interactions between nematodes and aphids. Under the supervision of Dr. Grit Kunert (MPI-CE) and Prof. Nicole van Dam, Jessil will study nematode-induced, phloem-based signals that can influence performance of aphids sharing the same host plant. She will assess the performance and feeding behavior of aphids by using EPG (electrical penetration graph) techniques.

Welcome and good luck to all!

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