09.07.2018 | News der MIE-Gruppe

Second funding periode of ChemBioSys

Mircobiome of the cabbage fly (Delia sp.)

Hinweis für die Medien: Die von iDiv bereitgestellten Bilder dürfen ausschließlich für die Berichterstattung im Zusammenhang mit dieser Medienmitteilung und unter Angabe des/der Urhebers/in verwendet werden.
Dieser Artikel ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar. The collaborative Research Centre ChemBioSys was positively re-evaluated for the second funding period by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The aim of ChemBioSys is to elucidate chemical mediators that govern interaction between individual organisms and the composition of communities. Furthermore, they want to understand the regulation and mechanisms that generate community structures and maintain community diversity. ChemBioSys contains 18 research projects and one of them is performed in the Molecular Interaction Ecology group (MIE) at the German Centre of Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and the Department of Biochemistry at the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology (MPI-CE). This project looks into the effects of plant defence compounds in complex natural communities including multiple insect herbivores and insect-associated microbes. With the second fund, Rebekka Sontowski is able to continue in this project and her PhD. For more information on Rebekka's research click here. For more information on ChemBioSys click here.
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