13.02.2016 | TOP NEWS

Unicellular microalgae smell dissolved minerals in the water > more

Citizen Science – Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy  > more

11.02.2016 | Ecosystem Services, TOP NEWS

Well-known TV journalist is in Leipzig with the WWF Living Planet Report  > more

08.02.2016 | iDiv
Kick-Off Workshop for the feasibility of the "Living Atlas Germany"

Kick-off workshop for the feasibility of a "Living Atlas Germany" took place on January 21./22. in Berlin > more

05.02.2016 | Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Conservation, GEO BON
„Agua Salud“ project in Panama (Photo: Dylan Craven/iDiv)

Nowhere does deforestation occur more rapidly than in the tropics, where humans use the previously forested land for crop production and cattle ranching. If this land is abandoned again, however,... > more

03.02.2016 | TOP NEWS, Experimental Interaction Ecology

Leibniz anniversary year 2016 > more

01.02.2016 | TOP NEWS

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born 370 years ago in Leipzig > more

29.01.2016 |

The grant for Nico Eisenhauer is awarded to study the effects of European earthworms in North America. > more

28.01.2016 | Press Releases, TOP NEWS

"Natural Capital Germany - TEEB DE" has published it’s study "ecosystem services in rural areas".  > more

27.01.2016 | TOP NEWS

High-level growth for biodiversity research at MLU > more

25.01.2016 | TOP NEWS, Research

We announce the release of sPlot 2.0 - the global vegetation-plot database. sPlot currently contains >1.1 million plots from 110 source databases originating from all seven continents and a total... > more

22.01.2016 | sDiv, TOP NEWS

MIE members Nicole van Dam and Ainhoa Martinez-Medina will both speak at the Plant Volatile Gordon Research Seminar ( and Conference... > more

21.01.2016 | Molecular Interaction Ecology

Six iDiv member elected > more

18.01.2016 | TOP NEWS

Congrats! The sDiv species pool project sREGPOOL published a new paper in Global Ecology and Biogeography. The group shows a very promising way of delineating species pools. A long term problem in... > more

15.01.2016 | sDiv
Prof. Jonathan Chase, Biodiversity Synthesis Research Group

The 2015 list of Highly Cited researchers features Jonathan Chase, along with 6 other iDiv members. > more

15.01.2016 | Biodiversity Synthesis

Communities rich in species are substantially healthier and more productive than those depleted of species. > more

14.01.2016 | Press Releases, TOP NEWS

Pesticides and parasites are not responsible for the regional decline of honeybee colonies. > more

13.01.2016 | TOP NEWS, Press Releases

sDiv has published its new newsletter in December with lots of information on what is going at sDiv - especially the new sDiv call for working groups, postdocs and sabbaticals! Check it out here! > more

05.01.2016 | sDiv

Wenige funktionelle Pflanzenmerkmale können das Wachstum beim Wettbewerb zwischen benachbarten Bäumen im Wald dominieren. > more

23.12.2015 | TOP NEWS, Press Releases

yDiv doctoral researcher Katja Steinauer won the award for the best poster at the iDiv Conference 2015. Her poster “Root exudate cocktails: the link between plant diversity and soil microorganisms?”... > more

18.12.2015 | yDiv

The sDiv postdoc Carten Meyer is the winner of a travel grant amounting to 1.000€ at the iDiv annual conference. To push his research forward and intensify his knowledge he can use this money to... > more

16.12.2015 | sDiv

sDiv has just opened its fourth call for working groups, postdoctoral fellowships and sabbaticals! Initiating collaborations between scientists across the world is one of the central tasks of the... > more

02.12.2015 | sDiv, TOP NEWS

"Forest ecosystems" coffee evening held as part of the event series "Ecosystem services forum - opportunities and risks of an economic assessment of nature" > more

25.11.2015 | Ecosystem Services

Wow, what a start! Congrats to sDiv's newest Postdoc Petr Keil on new paper in Nature Communications, co-authored by sDiv Sabbatical Walter Jetz. He shows that the geometry of area loss is crucial to... > more

19.11.2015 | TOP NEWS, sDiv
iDiv Informatics Knowledge Sharing Group (IKSG)

The first kick-off meeting of the Informatics Knowledge Sharing Group (IKSG) took place on 6. November 2015 at iDiv in Leipzig. The group is initiated by Dr Jitendra Gaikwad from the Biodiversity... > more

11.11.2015 | Bioinformatics Unit (BIU), Research, Biodiversity Informatics Uni (BDU), iDiv

Molecular biologist Dr Ainhoa Martinez-Medina is one of eleven young researchers, which are funded from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in order to apply for third-party funds. For this... > more

23.10.2015 | TOP NEWS, Molecular Interaction Ecology

Three yDiv doctoral researchers, Maria Voigt, Solveig Franziska Bucher and Patrizia König, joined the Her Career fair in Munich on the 15-16 October 2015. Her Career is a career fair aimed at female... > more

20.10.2015 | yDiv

Can biodiversity help protect ecosystems facing exceptional climatic events? The answer to this question bears great significance when considering the continuous extinction of species and the... > more

15.10.2015 | Experimental Interaction Ecology, iDiv, Research, sDiv
Teamworking at the 2nd yDiv Retreat

The yDiv annual retreat brings together all yDiv doctoral researchers to spend time together and learn about a topic that is important to all. The 2nd yDiv retreat from 8 to 9 October 2015 was all... > more

14.10.2015 | yDiv

The Jena Experiment, one of the longest running grassland biodiversity experiments worldwide has now been evaluated for the sixth time. In September, an evaluation committee visited the Jena... > more

13.10.2015 | iDiv, Research, Experimental Interaction Ecology

We welcome four new postdocs to our sDiv family: Petr Keil (University of Prague), Carsten Meyer (University of Göttingen), Juliano Sarmento Cabral (University of Göttingen) and Katherine... > more

06.10.2015 | sDiv
The green-veined white (Pieris napi) is widespread and abundant throughout Europe and one of six species that showed a major population collapse in the UK following the 1995 drought. Photo: Martin Wiemers/UFZ

Our ecosystems are affected not only by climate change, but by a plethora of inter-acting global change factors, above all pollution and land use change. > more

25.09.2015 | iDiv, Research

It is the aim of the Citizen Sciense Stragety 2020 to strengthen civil research in Germany. To drafting this strategy and to start an important process of discussion a first framework document can be... > more

17.09.2015 | iDiv, Research, Ecosystem Services

New iDiv colleagues, Carsten Meyer and Walter Jetz, today published a comprehensive survey of global species distribution data in Nature Communications. The study reveals the largest data gaps in... > more

09.09.2015 | sDiv
Participants of the iDiv Summer School

The first iDiv summer school took place from 23 to 29 August 2015 with the help of the DAAD. With its theme “Biodiversity Synthesis” the summer school provided the opportunity to learn from and... > more

03.09.2015 | yDiv

Worldwide human activities have resulted in large increases in the availability of nutrients in ecosystems. In a recent study scientists from the US, Europe and Australia – including Stan Harpole,... > more

02.09.2015 | Physiological Diversity, iDiv, Research

According to study published in Nature (and see Nature Editorial), iDiv scientist Marten Winter, who is among the core co-authors, says that almost 4% of the global flora become naturalized somewhere... > more

20.08.2015 | sDiv

The paper in Global Change Biology about future and past alien species relationships with global trade co-authored by sDiv Coordinator Marten Winter is highlighted in Nature Plants. " > more

19.08.2015 | sDiv
Dr. Anett Richter with Citizen Science posters at Australian Citizen Science Association Conference 2015

Dr. Anett Richter represented iDiv and the Citizen Science project at the Australian Citizen Science Association Conference in August 2015. Read her report here. > more

30.07.2015 | Ecosystem Services

Anthropogenic environmental change is widely recognized as the key driver of biodiversity change globally > more

29.07.2015 | Experimental Interaction Ecology

Former sDiv postdoc Viktoriia Radchuk published the open access paper entitled "Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning decoupled: invariant ecosystem functioning despite non-random reductions in... > more

28.07.2015 | sDiv

A GEO BON working group, lead by Prof. Andrew K. Skidmore of the University of Twente and including Prof. Henrique M. Pereira from iDiv, has just published a Comment in Nature proposing a plan to... > more

27.07.2015 | GEO BON, Research, Biodiversity Conservation

From 21-24 of June the Rhizosphere 4 Conference took place in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In total around 600 highly motivated people attended this international conference. yDiv doctoral researcher... > more

24.07.2015 | yDiv

The sDiv workshop group sOILDIV just published their first paper in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Good work! > more

21.07.2015 | sDiv

Members of sTUNDRA working group got published in Nature Climate Change with the paper entitled "Climate sensitivity of shrub growth across the tundra biome". The paper received some fair... > more

16.07.2015 | sDiv

Leipzig Botanical Garden presents new information trail > more

09.07.2015 | iDiv

Managing soil carbon dynamics in the changing world is one of the main climate change mitigation priorities. The pivotal role of soil microorganisms in regulating soil carbon dynamics is widely... > more

01.07.2015 | yDiv, Research, Experimental Interaction Ecology

yDiv doctoral researcher Irene Bender attended the 6th International Symposium – Workshop on Frugivores & Seed Dispersal (FSD) 2015, which was held 21-26 June in Drakensberg, South Africa. A total of... > more

30.06.2015 | yDiv

On Thursday the 25th of June, yDiv and sDiv launched the new mentoring programme of iDiv with scientific speed-dating. > more

26.06.2015 | yDiv

I am a PhD student from the University of Southampton, and my project looks at how soil microbial communities can mediate above-ground plant and insect interactions. My current experiment aims to... > more

24.06.2015 | Molecular Interaction Ecology

It has been hypothesized that globalization of human-mediated dispersal of species may break down biogeographic boundaries. However, empirical tests had been lacking until recently. An international... > more

10.06.2015 | Research, Biodiversity Conservation, iDiv
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