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The flexible pool is an internal funding mechanism of iDiv open to all full iDiv members (including iDiv research group members) and junior group leaders. Its main purpose is to instigate integrative and innovative (“high risk, high gain”) research, support the development of novel experimental platforms and link iDiv to global networks and initiatives. The flexpool mechanism is thus of vital importance for iDiv’s integration tasks and conducting the research underlying our research activities.

Type of calls

Regular calls

  • Regular announcements for long-term projects
  • Grant salary, consumables, travel and publication costs
  • Require 8-10 pages proposals that undergo evaluation process

Fast-track calls

  • Non-regular announcements for small projects
  • Grant scientific instruments, data products and external services
  • Require 4-5 pages proposals that undergo evaluation process

Type of projects

Regular calls projects

  • Support conducting integrative research
  • Enhance iDiv's interdisciplinarity
  • Promote scientific activities meeting iDiv's missions, scientific approach and research programme

Fast-track calls projects

  • Support conducting spontaneous research 
  • Broaden iDiv's expertise by acquiring additional know-how support
  • Advance iDiv's facility innovation

Selection criteria for the flexpool projects

  • Adhesion to iDiv's mission, scientific approach and research programme
  • Promoting integrative and interdisciplinary research
  • Advocating iDiv's innovation and novelty
  • Promoting iDiv's scientific excellence

Important information

Next call for postdoctoral research projects: Second-half of the 2017

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