Welcome to yDiv – support for early-career researchers at iDiv

As doctoral or postdoctoral researcher, you can benefit at yDiv from a broad range of qualification and support services like workshops, coaching, mentoring and networking events. The goal is to offer you excellent conditions and support to work on your PhD or postdoc project as well as your career in or outside academia.


Upcoming events

yDiv PhD Retreat: Science&Arts

Date: 24-26 September 2021
Target group: Doctoral researchers
Location: iDiv leipzig

Data Analysis with R

Date: 13+15 October 2021
Target group: Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers
Location: Online

yDiv Postdoc Retreat: Communicate Your Science

Date: 4-5 October 2021
Target group: Postdoctoral researchers
Location: External venue



Dr Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz
Graduate School Coordinator

Room: A.00.19
Phone: +49 341 9733125
Email: nicole.sachmerda-schulz@idiv.de

Ulrike Krumrey
Postdoctoral Programme Coordinator 

Room: A.00.19
Phone: +49 341 9733267
Email: ulrike.krumrey@idiv.de 

Johanna Müller
Administrative Assistant

Room: A.00.19
Phone: +49 341 9733126
Email: johanna.mueller@idiv.de

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