sOilFauna: How human activities impact soil macrofauna communities and how it relates to primary productivity? A global synthesis.

First meeting: 02.-06.05.2022

Jerome Mathieu
Nico Eisenhauer

iDiv member:
Nico Eisenhauer

Project summary:
Understanding ecosystem functioning and primary productivity requires a good understanding of the effects of human activity on soil macrofauna communities, and how these effects vary across localities. In the project sOilFauna, we will synthesize for the first time the links between human activity, soil macrofauna communities, and primary productivity and how they depend on large-scale gradients such as climate. We will analyze the most comprehensive soil macrofauna database the - MACROFAUNA database- , which collates abundance data of 17 soil invertebrate groups produced with a standardized method at 8700 sites around the world.

Our work will address three overarching questions:
1) How are soil macrofauna communities and their diversity distributed around the globe?
2) What are the effects of the key agricultural practices and land management on soil macrofauna communities across climates?
3) What are the links between soil macrofauna communities and primary productivity?

The project will release:
● The MACROFAUNA database, with georeferenced data of soil macrofauna abundance, soil properties, human practices, and vegetation productivity (accompanied by a paper in Scientific Data);
● Global 100x100m high-resolution interactive maps of abundance and biomass of the 17 soil taxa, together with their taxonomic richness and functional diversity;
● A series of scientific articles in top journals.

Our results will produce critical knowledge for developing evidence-based strategies in order to succeed in the agro-ecological transition of managed landscapes, and will constitute a major milestone in the general understanding of soil ecology and ecosystem functioning.

Wilfried Thuiller (CNRS - Univ. Grenoble Alpes - Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine,France), Elisa Thébault (iEES-Paris, Sorbonne Université, CNRS ,France), Irene Calderon Sanou (Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, France), Martijn Witjes (OpenGeoHub , Netherlands), George Brown (EMBRAPA FLORESTAS/UFPR, Brazil), Raphael Marichal (CIRAD, France), Marie Bartz (Centre for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture (CARE-BIO) & Centre for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra (CFE-UC), Portugal), Anton Potapov (University of Goettingen ,Germany), Pierre Ganault (iDiv, Germany), Ana Elizabeth B. Asato (iDiv/UL ,Germany), Henry Mehring (iDiv - EIE ,Germany), Benoit Gauzens (iDiv, Germany), Carlos Guerra (iDiv , Germany), Tomislav Hengl (OpenGeoHub foundation , Netherlands), Steven Fonte (Colorado State University, United States), Clara P. Peña-Venegas (Instituto Amazónico de Investigaciones Científicas Sinchi- Associate Researcher, Colombia), Chi Zhang (South China Agricultural University, China)

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