sIntESE: Integrating ecosystem services into economic models

First meeting: 05.-09.12.2022

Alexandra Marques
Aafke Schipper

iDiv member:
Martin Quaas

Project summary:
Reversing the loss and degradation of nature requires fundamental changes of how we live and operate our economies. While the impacts of economic activities on nature are increasingly quantified and understood, this holds much less for the socio-economic consequences of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. sIntESE will synthetize information regarding the contribution of ecosystems to economic activities and develop a framework to model these contributions, building upon recent studies that connected ecosystem services models and economic models.

Alexandra Marques (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency); Justin Johnson (University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics); Catharina J.E. Schulp (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam); Aafke Schipper (Radboud University); Onil Banerjee (RMGEO Consultants Inc.); Willem-Jan van Zeist (Wageningen Economic Research); Martin Quaas (iDiv); Patrick von Jeetze (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research); Lukas Eggert (iDiv); Tobias Heimann (Kiel Institute for the World Economy); Alessandra La Notte (former Joint Research Centre of the European Commission); Michael Harfoot (Vizzuality)

Meeting report

Second meeting: 04.-08.03.2024

participants: tba

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