sINTERVAL: INTERaction Variation along ALtitudinal gradients

First meeting: 05.-09.12.2022

Tiffany Knight

iDiv members:
Tiffany Knight
Ingolf Kühn
Jonathan Chase
Uli Brose

Project summary:
A synthetic understanding of how plant-pollinator networks change across environmental gradients is currently limited by heterogeneity in spatial, temporal and taxonomic grains. Further, new modeling and statistical tools are necessary to quantify the roles of neutral and deterministic factors in driving emergent patterns of spatial network change. This working group addresses these gaps by developing a general framework of modeling and statistical tools, mobilizing data, and applying these to understand the effects of elevation on plant-pollinator interactions.

In person participants:
Joanne Bennett (University of Canberra); Emilio Berti (iDiv / Univ. of Jena); Paulo Borges (Universidade dos Açores); Ulrich Brose (iDiv / Univ. of Jena); Laura Burkle (Montana State University); Paul CaraDonna (Chicago Botanic Garden); Juan Carvajal Quintero (iDiv / UL); Jonathan Chase (iDiv / MLU); Sandra Cuartas (Universidad de Antioquia); Mariano Devoto (University of Buenos Aires); Marion Donald (Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research); Benoit Gauzens (iDiv / Univ. of Jena); Tiffany Knight (iDiv / MLU / UFZ); Roxanne Leberger (iDiv); María Alejandra Maglianesi (Universidad Estatal a Distancia); Konstantinos Minachilis (UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN); Roxibell Pelayo Escalona (University of Los Andes); Theodora Petanidou (University of the Aegean); Ana Picanço (University of Azores); Rafael Pinheiro (iDiv); Sailee Sakhalkar (Charles University); Antigoni Sounapoglu (Charles University); Robert Tropek (Charles University); Ishmeal Kobe Nubitgha (Charles University); Ingolf Kühn (UFZ); Demetra Rakosy (UFZ); Julian Resasco (University of Colorado); Remo Ryser (iDiv / Univ. of Jena); Valentin Stefan (iDiv / UFZ); Guillermo Uceda Gómez (Charles University); Diego Vázquez (University of Cuyo); Qiang Yang (iDiv / MLU); Leana Zoller (Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)

Remote participants:
Opeyemi Adedoja (University of Florida); Paula Enriquez (El Colegio de la Frontera Sur); Foryuy Fairo Dzekashu (University of Pretoria); Carlos Lara Romero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Ana Martin Gonzalez (Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab); Antonia Mayr (University of Ulm); Ruth Partida-Lara (Universidad Autónoma de Campeche); François Rigal (Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour); Anna Traveset (Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies)

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