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Since the sPlot Meeting I, the sPlot Steering Committee, the sPlot Core Team, the sPlot Postdoc Jürgen Dengler and the IT specialist Stephan Hennekens have been working on compiling a common global vegetation-plot database covering all biomes of the Earth that can be combined with the existing global trait database TRY. At the sPlot Meeting II in December 2014, a first version of the sPlot database (sPlot 1.0) was released for testing purposes and planning of research papers. Since then, the content has been extended and improved enormously. On 21 February 2016 finally sPlot 2.0, the first release for scientific studies, was published with more than 1.1 million geo- referenced plots from all seven continents and 130 countries. Since then, sPlot was further expanded under the coordination of Borja Jiménez-Alfaro first, and Francesco Maria Sabatini then. On 5 August 2020, sPlot v3.0 was released, which further expands version 2.0 and includes almost 2 million plots providing a better coverage of South America, Asia and Australia. It is evident that this unique data source that combines fine spatial grain with maximum spatial extent is opening new analytical options for community ecologists and macroecologists that go far beyond the original aims of the working group. And the data are available to the sPlot Consortium members for any thinkable analysis that considers at least a continental extent. Check the latest publications.

sPlot releases

sPlot 4.0, release on September 2023, with 2,547,857 plots (all georeferenced with varying precision) with 287,768 observations of repeteaded plots from 308 databases, from 144 countries and seven continents.

sPlot 3.0, release on August 2020, with 1,978,686 plots (1,976,235 georeferenced with varying precision) from 161 databases, from 140 countries and seven continents. For additional info, see Newsletter 9.

sPlot 2.1, release on October 2016, with 1,121,244 plots (all geo-referenced with varying precision) from 110 databases, 130 countries and all seven continents. This is an improved version of sPlot 2.0. For a full description see Bruelheide et al. 2019 - JVS.

sPlot 2.0 (full version), release 0n 21 January 2016: 1,115,705 plots (all geo-referenced with varying precision) from 110 databases, 130 countries and all seven continents, with intersection to the gap-imputed trait data of TRY 3.0. For further details see Newsletter 5.

sPlot 1.0 (full version for test purposes), 20 November 2014: 840,000 plots (700,000 geo-referenced) with intersection to the trait data of TRY 2.0.

sPlot 0.9 (prototype), 19 August 2014: more than 550,000 vegetation plots from 56 databases and 52 countries.



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