Prof Stephanie Bohlman

University of Florida

Prof Douglas Chesters

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Prof David Currie

University of Ottawa

Prof Rodolfo Dirzo

Stanford University

Prof Robert Dunn

North Carolina State University

Prof Lenore Fahrig

Carleton University

Prof Benjamin Gilbert

University of Toronto

Prof Angelica Gonzalez

Rutgers University

Prof Walter Jetz

University of Yale

Prof Christopher Klausmeier

Michigan State University

Prof Birgitta König-Ries

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Prof Jeremy Lichstein

University of Florida

Prof Elena Litchman

Michigan State University

Prof Malin >Pinski

Rutgers University

Prof Colleen Webb

Colorado State University

Prof Evan Weiher

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


sDiv staff

Dr Alessandro Gentile

Data Scientist

Franziska Hübner

Administrational Assistant

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