sErvices - Can ecological network information improve the efficacy of biodiversity conservation for ecosystem services in the face of unavoidable uncertainty?

First meeting: 16.-20.03.2015

Laura Dee;
Steven Gaines

iDiv members:
Aletta Bonn
Marten Winter

Project summary:
People receive many benefits from nature. These services are provided by species, but commonly the critical species or interactions are poorly understood. Managing biodiversity to maintain these valuable services is therefore compromised by uncertainty. Reducing this uncertainty with new research is often prohibitively expensive. We consider an alternative path – explore when ecological network analyses can inform management of ecosystem services by identifying key components of biodiversity to protect. We propose a novel framework linking networks to services when confronting uncertainty.

Stefano Allesina (University of Chicago); Aletta Bonn (iDiv/UFZ); Laura Dee (University of California, Santa Barbara); Anna Eklöf (Linköping University); Steven Gaines (University of California, Santa Barbara); Jessica Hines (iDiv); Ute Jacob (University Hamburg); Hugh Possingham (University of Queensland); Ross Thompson (University of Canberra)

Meeting report

Second meeting: 04.-08.04.2016

Aletta Bonn (iDiv,UFZ); Laura Dee (University of Minnesota); Anna Eklöf (Linköping University); Jes Hines (iDiv); Alison Iles (iDiv); Ute Jacob (University of Hamburg); Eve McDonald-Madden (The University of Queensland); Hugh Possingham (The University of Queensland); Ross Thompson (University of Canberra), Benjamin Rosenbaum (iDiv)

Meeting report




DeeL.E., Allesina S., et al. (2017) Operationalizing Network Theory for Ecosystem Service Assessments. Trends in Ecology and Evolution Vol 32, Issue 2, p. 118–130. See here

Dee L.E., Thompson R. et al. (2017) Do Social–Ecological Syndromes Predict Outcomes for Ecosystem Services? – a Reply to Bodin et al. Trends in Ecology and Evolution Vol 32, Issue 8, p. 549-552. See here

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