Flexpool Board

The Flexpool Board consists of five full iDiv members, representing the iDiv institutions and the iDiv COO, who are appointed by the Science Strategy Board (SSB) for one year.

The Flexpool Board is in charge for all Flexpool related issues at iDiv. This implies the discussion on concepts for the Flexpool as well as the coordination Flexpool calls. In particular, this includes the call itself, the evaluation process of submitted proposals, the recruitment of suitable candidates and the monitoring of approved projects.

Currently, the Flexpool Board has the following members:

  • Christine Römermann (chair, FSU),
  • Jonathan Chase (iDiv, MLU),
  • Alexandra Weigelt (UL),
  • Antonis Chatzinotas (UFZ),
  • Steffen Neumann (IPB),
  • Sabine Matthiä (COO of iDiv).
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