Funded projects 2022

Postdoctoral research projects:

  • A Window to the Past – The use of archive data for collecting baseline information on biodiversity, main PI: Markus Bernhardt-Römermann, Univ. of Jena & Patrick Mäder, TU Ilmenau
  • Towards robust detection of plant diversity & management in grasslands’ spectral signals, main PI: Daniel Doktor, UFZ
  • Biodiversity effects on Plant-Atmosphere interactions analysed with Remote Sensing (PARSe Biodiversity), main PI: Hannes Feilhauer, UL
  • A spatial framework to assess cultural and intrinsic values of Nature for conservation planning and scenarios, main PI: Néstor Fernández, iDiv, MLU
  • Healthy urban spaces for human well-being and ecological integrity (HUMANECO), main PI: Christine Fürst, MLU
  • Towards a comprehensive National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) for Nigeria, main PI: Alexandra Müllner-Riehl, UL
  • Studying the interaction of plant morphology, plant physiology, and the root microbiome in response to a warming climate, main PI: Marcel Quint, MLU
  • PhenEye - Having an eye on the fingerprint of global change: observing phenology using automated monitoring, main PI: Christine Römermann, Univ. of Jena
  • Disease dynamics in insect societies, main PI: Yuko Ulrich, MPI-CE
  • Plant Meta-Metabolomics – Development of an Unbiased Survey of Habitat-Dependent Metabolic Diversity (Met-Total), main PI: Ludger Wessjohann, IPB

Flexpool Support Fund projects:

  • Cryptic diversity under global change: the case of the Hyperolius mitchelli African reed frog species complex, main PI: Christopher Barratt, iDiv, UL
  • FRESH - Frost RESistance in Herbaceous species, main PI: Franziska Bucher, Univ. of Jena
  • Unravelling climate- and biodiversity impacts on trophic interactions using gut-content metabarcoding, main PI: Malte Jochum, iDiv,UL
  • Human impact on biodiversity: How anthropogenic factors influence the genetic diversity and stress hormone levels of the critically endangered crested macaques across Indonesia, main PI: Marlen Kücklich, UL, MPI-EVA
  • How well do functional Traits predict demographic Rates of Tree species?, main PI: Bettina Ohse, iDiv, UFZ
  • The suitability of road verges for protected grassland plant species assessed at the gene level, main PI: Sabrina Träger, MLU
  • Malaysian palm oil production and pest management: Assessing best practices to enhance sustainability, main PI: Anna Holzner, UL, MPI-EVA
  • New models for equitable data reuse in microbial ecology, main PI: Stephanie Jurburg, UFZ
  • AngleCAM: Capturing leaf movements across plant species, functional types and time, main PI: Teja Kattenborn, UL, RSC4Earth
  • Global Trends and Local Knowledge: Ecosystem Change and Violent Conflict in Colombia, main PI: Solveig Richter, UL
  • Determinants and consequences of intraspecific variation in root traits, main PI: Christoph Rosche, MLU


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