German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Funded projects 2023

Flexpool Support Fund projects:

  • Seed microbiome effects on the composition and diversity of organisms colonizing seedlings, main PI: Peter Dietrich, MLU
  • Landscape impacts on pathogen sharing among managed and wild pollinators in Middle Germany: iPATHOS, main PI: Christophe Dominik, UFZ
  • The more the merrier? Investigating the evolutionary relationship between chemodiversity and ploidy in a tropical tree genus, main PI: Jana Ebersbach, UL
  • Mutualistic lizard-flower-interactions in the biodiversity hotspot Madagascar, main PI: Belinda Kahnt, MLU
  • Microbiota and complete metamorphosis in insects, main PI: Christin Manthey, MPI-CE
  • Monitoring large mammal community of a rewilding landscape: An eDNA metabarcoding approach, main PI: María Méndez Camarena, iDiv, BioCon, MLU
  • Diversity, composition and nutritional quality of bee pollen diets in cities, main PI: Panagiotis Theodorou, MLU
  • Impacts of alien species naturalization on the altitudinal gradients of pollination networks, main PI: Qiang Yang, iDiv, SIE, MLU
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