Second joint recruitment symposium 2017

As part of an internal initiative to value synergies inside the consortium, iDiv, MLU, UL and the UFZ offered 5 doctoral positions in the field of integrative biodiversity research. Application deadline was scheduled for March 19, 2017. Candidates that successfully applied to these positions were invited for an interview having the format of the joint recruitment symposium. The idea behind the symposium is to give the candidates the opportunity to present their suitability for the role, create an early partnership feeling and promote the qualities of iDiv.

The symposium was scheduled for two days, with the first day being open to all iDiv employees and iDiv members and the second being reserved for the project leaders and the candidates only.

Symposium's details:
Date: 22-23 June 2017
Venue: iDiv, Leipzig

Inviting poster for the first day of the event can be found here

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