Das Deutsche Zentrum für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung (iDiv) ist in Mitteldeutschland eine Drehscheibe der internationalen Biodiversitätsforschung. Forschungsziel und Aufgabe ist die Förderung theoriebasierter Synthese und datenorientierter Theoriebildung.
Das Synthesezentrum sDiv ist inhaltlich und physisch in iDiv integriert. Das Synthesezentrum dient der Förderung von Theorie und Synthese in den aufstrebenden Biodiversitätswissen-schaften.
Die Graduiertenschule yDiv wurde ins Leben gerufen, um eine neue Generation interdisziplinär arbeitender Biodiversitätswissenschaftler auszubilden.

Young Biodiversity Research Training Group - yDiv

Transdisciplinary research in biodiversity sciences

ydiv doctoral researchers at the retreat 2014 ydiv doctoral researchers at the retreat 2014
Welcome to the yDiv website!
As the graduate school of iDiv, our mission is to train a new generation of transdisciplinary biodiversity scientists.
The uniqueness of our programme stems from the exchange between theoreticians and empirists. Our aim is to bridge different levels of biodiversity research, from theory to applied aspects of nature conservation. The set of approaches and methods is similarly diverse, varying from modelling to field experiments, and the objects of investigation vary from single organisms to manipulated communities and entire ecosystems.
The transdisciplinarity of iDiv is an opportunity but also a challenge for the PhD candidates and their supervisors. Our students accumulate valuable skills in assimilating knowledge and techniques from various disciplines, and combining different approaches in their work.
You can find more information about the projects of our current students behind this link.
Why do your PhD with yDiv?
The key characteristics of our training programme include:
  • A shared PhD mentoring programme, where each PhD student benefits from the intellectual exchange by having a PhD Advisory Team (“PAC team”) consisting of supervisors from different research areas, with both theoretical and empirical backgrounds represented.
  • Courses on cutting-edge biodiversity topics, taught by top-ranking scientists who are associated to iDiv via the Universities of Leipzig, Jena and Halle, and external, visiting lecturers.
  • A three-month stay abroad at a research laboratory, providing the opportunity for creating early professional networks, as well as learning important skills.
  • A varied programme of scientific and social events, such as PhD retreats, scientific seminars, conferences, and parties organised by yDiv or iDiv.
  • Continuous support from our coordination team during the PhD process.
  • Location at the beautiful, vivid, cultural city of Leipzig
Via iDiv, the yDiv doctoral researchers enjoy the unique opportunity of working and networking with a wide range of top-class biodiversity scientists.
yDiv is part of the graduate academies of the universities of the iDiv consortium.


yDiv Koordination


Dr. Mari Bieri

Dr. Mari Bieri

Tel.: +49 341 9733125




yDiv Sekretariat


Katharina Matschke

Johanna Müller

Tel.: +49 341 9733126


New publication by sDiv researchers in Global Ecology and Biogeography & PNAS

Finally! Marten Winter co-authored a paper in GEB about Darwin's naturalization hypothesis.
AND he was also involved in a Reply to a paper in PNAS.

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