Stay abroad

A three-month research stay at a laboratory abroad is a recommended part of the training programme for all yDiv doctoral researchers. The main purpose of the three-month stay is to support the internationalisation of the doctoral researchers, allow them to gain additional practical experience, and support the development of a professional network at an early stage. The stay abroad should facilitate not only international networking at an early stage of the career of the doctoral researcher but also enhance the visibility of iDiv in the international scientific community.


The stay abroad should be connected to a scientific institution or a university research group. The trip should have clear objectives that fit the overall aims of the PhD project (for example collecting material, conducting analyses and co-authoring a paper with colleagues abroad).

A summer school visit, a conference participation or field work alone do not count as a stay abroad. However, field trips can be accepted as part of the stay abroad, if scientific exchange with international partners is organized.


The stay abroad can be done in one or several parts and should last three months in total.


For the flex-pool funded doctoral researchers, yDiv will fund the stay abroad with a maximum amount of EUR 3500.

Associated doctoral researchers can apply for half-funding of their three-month stay abroad via the Application form for partial funding (PDF). This form of funding provides half of the costs of the stay, up to the total sum of EUR 1500.

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