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Participants of the summer school during an excursion to the Bad Lauchstädt field site (photo: Volker Hahn).

From 3-15 September, the 3rd iDiv Summer School 2017 on “Synthesising and modelling biodiversity data” took place. > more

15.09.2017 | TOP NEWS, yDiv, Experimental Interaction Ecology

paper of iDiv summer school published > more

04.09.2017 | yDiv, iDiv, Research, Experimental Interaction Ecology, TOP NEWS
Galini Papadopoulou

Our PhD student Galini Papadopoulou received a grand by Friedrich Schiller University of Jena for participation at the “VII International Symposium on Brassicas” in Pontevedra, Spain. > more

29.05.2017 | MIE Group News, yDiv

Study by Senckenberg, iDiv, MLU, UFZ and others > more

12.05.2017 | yDiv, Media Release, TOP NEWS

yDiv together with the iDiv Research Group Molecular Interaction Ecology were visited by Dr. Tjeerd Snoeren on the 21st of March. Tjeerd is the Entomology Lead at Limagrain, which is a cooperative... > more

22.03.2017 | yDiv

press release of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) > more

16.01.2017 | yDiv, TOP NEWS
Bettina Ohse. Photo: private

This text is only available in German. > more

19.12.2016 | TOP NEWS, yDiv

At the yDiv admission symposium seven doctoral researchers presented their research projects to the yDiv Board and iDiv colleagues. Godefroy Devevey, the yDiv coordinator, emphasized the excellence... > more

30.11.2016 | yDiv

Every year the yDiv retreat invites the doctoral researchers of yDiv to engage with an important topic related to working in science. This year’s retreat took place from 24 to 25 October 2016 in... > more

28.10.2016 | yDiv
Simulated browsing: After a young maple tree has been cut, roe deer saliva is applied with a pipette to the cut surface (photo: Bettina Ohse/UL/iDiv).

Trees are able to distinguish whether one of their buds or shoots has been randomly torn off by a storm gust or fallen victim to a ravenous roe deer. In the case of roe deer browsing, they activate... > more

12.09.2016 | TOP NEWS, Media Release, yDiv

Nineteen young researchers from five continents got together in Leipzig from 19 to 25 July 2016 for the 2nd iDiv Summer School to learn about biodiversity synthesis and integration. Together with... > more

07.07.2016 | yDiv
Christian Ristok

yDiv PhD student Christian Ristok has been selected as a recipient of a Metabolomics Society Student Travel Award for Metabolomics 2016, the annual conference of the Metabolomics Society in Dublin,... > more

26.05.2016 | MIE Group News, yDiv
Ralf Seppelt and the new yDiv doctoral researchers Felix Gottschall, Claudia Breitkreuz, Johanna Häussler and Maria Sporbert

yDiv welcomes Maria Sporbert (MLU Halle Wittenberg), Claudia Breitkreuz (UFZ Halle), Felix Gottschall (iDiv/UL) and Johanna Häussler (iDiv/FSU) as new yDiv doctoral researchers! They presented their... > more

25.05.2016 | yDiv

yDiv doctoral researcher Katja Steinauer won the award for the best poster at the iDiv Conference 2015. Her poster “Root exudate cocktails: the link between plant diversity and soil microorganisms?”... > more

18.12.2015 | yDiv

Three yDiv doctoral researchers, Maria Voigt, Solveig Franziska Bucher and Patrizia König, joined the ‘Her Career’ fair in Munich on the 15-16 October 2015. > more

20.10.2015 | yDiv
Teamworking at the 2nd yDiv Retreat

The yDiv annual retreat brings together all yDiv doctoral researchers to spend time together and learn about a topic that is important to all. The 2nd yDiv retreat from 8 to 9 October 2015 was all... > more

14.10.2015 | yDiv
Participants of the iDiv Summer School

The first iDiv summer school took place from 23 to 29 August 2015 with the help of the DAAD. With its theme “Biodiversity Synthesis” the summer school provided the opportunity to learn from and... > more

03.09.2015 | yDiv

From 21-24 of June the Rhizosphere 4 Conference took place in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In total around 600 highly motivated people attended this international conference. yDiv doctoral researcher... > more

24.07.2015 | yDiv

Managing soil carbon dynamics in the changing world is one of the main climate change mitigation priorities. The pivotal role of soil microorganisms in regulating soil carbon dynamics is widely... > more

01.07.2015 | yDiv, Research, Experimental Interaction Ecology

yDiv doctoral researcher Irene Bender attended the 6th International Symposium – Workshop on Frugivores & Seed Dispersal (FSD) 2015, which was held 21-26 June in Drakensberg, South Africa. A total of... > more

30.06.2015 | yDiv

On Thursday the 25th of June, yDiv and sDiv launched the new mentoring programme of iDiv with scientific speed-dating. > more

26.06.2015 | yDiv

A recent study by a yDiv doctoral researcher, Madhav P. Thakur, revealed that the top-down control in an experimental model food web was regulated by plant community composition. > more

17.03.2015 | yDiv

A recent study by iDiv scientists has revealed the important influence of plant community composition to soil resource availability. Lead author of the study is Madhav P. Thakur, a doctoral... > more

16.03.2015 | Experimental Interaction Ecology, yDiv

As part of a series of courses aimed at preparing young researchers for their career, yDiv organised a course “Research Communication” which took place from February 24th to 26th. > more

27.02.2015 | yDiv

The fourth yDiv admission symposium for associated doctoral researchers took place on February 23rd, 2015. > more

24.02.2015 | yDiv

To inform prospective doctoral researchers about the conditions of the scholarship programme of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), the graduate school yDiv and the DBU are organizing... > more

06.11.2014 | yDiv

The 2nd annual yDiv Scientific Symposium to took place on 1 October, 2014 – the day of iDiv's two-year anniversary.  > more

02.10.2014 | yDiv

The Next Generation Sequencing Conference (NGS) took place in Barcelona in June. yDiv Doctoral Researcher Sree Rohit Kolora participated in a poster competition and won with it's hand-drawn poster... > more

01.07.2014 | yDiv

The first yDiv Admission Symposium took place on March 25, 2014. Five external scientists presented their projects to applied for admission into yDiv as associated doctoral researchers.  > more

26.03.2014 | yDiv
Foto: iDiv

yDiv symposium with around 70 participants > more

25.09.2013 | yDiv
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