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As a member of yDiv, you will profit from a variety of biodiversity-related courses which will develop key competencies in the field of biodiversity research. yDiv also offers a variety of courses in professional skills. Each yDiv doctoral researcher must complete a minimum of 10 ECTS of courses (of which a maximum of 2 ECTS in soft skills courses and a maximum of 5 ECTS for one single course) and a minimum of 2 ECTS of activities. You can read more about the requirements in the PhD Guide (PDF).

In this section, you can find information on the courses offered by yDiv, and a link to the registration form of each course. You can also find links to the course websites of the graduate academies and our collaboration partners – note that courses on biodiversity themes and professional skills completed elsewhere also count towards your yDiv requirements.

Generally, places at any yDiv course are offered first to yDiv doctoral researchers. However, when the registration is open on the website, other doctoral researchers of the collaborating graduate schools and graduate academies can apply. Application is done by following the link on the course page. Please inform our coordination team ( if you encounter any difficulties in the registration process.

Upcoming Courses





12.30 - 2.00 PM
Seminar series Various 1
21 Sept, every Thursday until 14 Dec Introduction to Integrative Biodiversity Science Core and junior group heads 1,5
23 - 26 Oct 2017 yDiv/HIGRADE course: Meta-analysis in biological and environmental sciences
Dr Dylan Craven, Dr Katharina Gerstner 1,5
15 Nov 2017 Science communication - how to connect with your audience Susanne Hecker 0,25
27 - 28 Nov 2017 yDiv/HIGRADE course: Mycorrhizal symbiosis Dr Ainhoa Martinez-Medina, Dr Iván Fernández López 0,5
30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017 Teaching in Higher Education - Basic course
Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf 0,5
5 Dec 2017 Career and Competencies Development for Female Scientists Susanne Skoruppa 0,25
7 - 8 Dec 2017 Good Scientific Practice Helga Nolte 0,5
11 - 14 Dec 2017 yDiv/HIGRADE course: Introduction to Generalized Linear Models and Mixed Effects Models in R Dr Felix May, Dr Mick Wu 1,5
11 - 12 Jan 2018 Teaching in Higher Education - Advanced course
Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf 0,5


Related research area

 – Biodiversity Patterns   –  Biodiversity Processes
 – Biodiversity Functions   – Biodiversity and Society
  – Transferable Skills

Planned courses

Date Course Lecturer CP
tba Biodiversity Metastudies Prof. Uli Brose 4
tba Research Communication: Peer Reviewing and Grant Writing

Prof. Robert Paxton 1
tba Introduction to integrative biodiversity science at iDiv
tba 1,5
tba Good Scientific Practice
tba 0,5
tba Molecular interaction ecology
Prof. Nicole van Dam  tba
tba Introduction to Biodiversity Data Management
Dr Jitendra Gaikwad, Prof. Birgitta König-Ries 1
tba Evidence-based Conservation
Dr Hjalmar Kühl 1
tba GIS for Biodiversity Science and Conservation
Dr Hjalmar Kühl 1,5
tba Applications of High-Throughput Sequencing in Biodiversity Research
Dr Andreas Gogol-Döring, Yvonne Pöschl 1
tba Time Management
tba 0,25
tba Ecological Statistics in R - Part 3
Dr Björn Rall, Dr Benjamin Rosenbaum 2
tba Species Monitoring
Dr Hjalmar Kühl, Dr Erin Wessling 2
tba Population genetics and population genomics: how populations evolve at the molecular level
Prof. Martin Schlegel, Dr Christoph Bleidorn 2


Related research area

 – Biodiversity Patterns   –  Biodiversity Processes
 – Biodiversity Functions   – Biodiversity and Society
  – Transferable Skills

Previous courses

Date Course Lecturer CP
28-29 September 2017Pattern and process of coexistence and biodiversity scaling in metacommunitiesProf. Jonathan Chase, Dr D. Viana, Dr A. Jeliazkov, Dr F. May, Dr S. Blowes, Dr P. Keil, Dr K. Gerstner0,5
25-29 September 2017 Advanced Statistics 1 - Non-linear modellingDr Björn C. Rall, Dr Benjamin Rosenbaum3
28 August-1 September 2017Introduction to Ecometabolomics for EcologistsProf. Nicole van Dam2
12-16 June 2017Biodiversity ConservationProf. Henrique Pereira2
23-24 May 2017Project Management
Prof. A. Schiller & Dr D. Mertens0,5
1-3 March 2017Introduction to maximum likelihood and Bayesian statistics for ecologists

Dr Petr Keil0,5
25-27 January 2017Writing of Scientific Publications / Article peer-reviewing
Prof. Volker Grimm, Prof. Robert Paxton0,5
12-16 December 2016Basic Plant Molecular Techniques
Dr Ainhoa Martinez-Medina, Anne Mädicke, Rebekka Sontowski1
28-30 November 2016Introduction to Python

Florian Wolf0,5
21-24 November 2016 Measuring and comparing biodiversity facets

Prof. Jon Chase, Dr Felix May, Dr Shane Blowes2
19-20 September 2016 Mapped: Planning and managing a PhD
Transferable Skills
Prof. Alexander Schiller & Dr Daniel Mertens 0,5
12-15 September 2016Biodiversity Experiments
Prof. Nico Eisenhauer2

29 June - 1 July 2016

Big-data spatio-temporal analyses using open source GIS software

Dr Giuseppe Amatulli 0,5
11-12 July 2016 Career Planning and Application in German universities and research institutes

Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf 0,5
9-10 June 2016 yDiv/HIGRADE course: Plan B - How to find your career outside academia

Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf 0,5
18 May 2016 Introduction to phylogenetic comparative methods in R

Prof. Luke Harmon 0,25
4 April 2016 yDiv/HIGRADE course: Finish It! How to Finalize Your Dissertation

Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf 0,25
14-18 March 2016 Meta-analysis in Biology and Environmental Science
Prof. Jessica Gurevitch, Prof. Julia Koricheva 2
25-27 January 2016 Bayesian Biostatistics

Dr Petr Keil 0,5
14-17 December 2015 Environmental Economics

Dr Tsegaye T. Gatiso, Dr Alexandra Marques 2
7-11 December 2015 Biodiversity and Niche Theory

Prof. Stan Harpole 2
23 September, 13 November, 9 December 2015 Scientific Writing Consultation
Dr Brian Cusack, Science Craft 0,25
26+27 November 2015 Voice and rhetoric training for female scientists

Dr Martina Kloepfer 0,5
11 November 2015 yDiv/HIGRADE Workshop Day 2:
Embedding impact in research
Prof. Mark Reed, Dr. Ana Attlee, Rosmarie Neumann (Project Maya)
10 November 2015 yDiv/HIGRADE Workshop Day 1:
Skills and techniques in biodiversity research
Dr Joona Lehtomäki, Christian Krause, Tilo Arnold, Dr Felix May, Prof. Walter Jetz
26-30 October 2015 Ecological Statistics in R - Part 2

Dr Björn Rall, Dr Ellen Latz, Yuanheng Li 2
14-16 October 2015 Working at the Science-Policy Interface

Prof. Aletta Bonn 1
14-18 September 2015 Ecological Population Models

Prof. Ulrich Brose, Myriam Hirt 2
24+25 August 2015 Data Visualization

Dr Rick Scavetta, Science Craft 0,5
16-19 June 2015 Ecological Statistics in R - Part 1
Dr Björn Rall, Dr Ellen Latz, Yuanheng Li 2


Related research area

 – Biodiversity Patterns   –  Biodiversity Processes
 – Biodiversity Functions   – Biodiversity and Society
  – Transferable Skills

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Online courses

To complement the extensive course programme of yDiv there is always the possibility to take courses online. We compiled a list of high profile online course platforms that offer free or low cost courses in the fields of scientific knowledge, scientific skills and professional skills. Please note that these courses are not accredited in the yDiv curriculum.

Stanford online
Scientific Knowledge | Scientific Skills | Transferable Skills

Scientific Knowledge | Scientific Skills

Harvard Online Learning
Scientific Knowledge

Transferable Skills

Scientific Knowledge | Scientific Skills | Transferable Skills

Khan Academy
Scientific Knowledge

MIT open courseware
Scientific Knowledge

Scientific Knowledge | Scientific Skills | Transferable Skills

Open Education Database
Scientific Knowledge

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