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FA1405 “Plant-mediated communication between above and belowground foodwebs”

14 - 16 September 2016

Deutscher Platz 5e
04103 Leipzig, Germany

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Local organisers

Ainhoa Martinez Medina 

Prof. Nicole M. van Dam

Nicole van Dam

Susann Görth

Workshop description

Photos: MIE/iDiv
Photos: MIE/iDiv

Plants mediate communication between below- and above-ground associated communities. For example, root symbionts or herbivores may influence the communities of microbes and herbivores associated with the leaves, and vice versa. Such interactions may also affect pollinators, or even higher trophic levels such as natural enemies of aboveground herbivores

The main goal of the workshop is to integrate different approaches, ranging from molecular genetics and “omics” analytical tools to ecology and agricultural practice, that are used to study plant-mediated interactions between above- and belowground associated microbe and insect communities.

The workshop will serve as a platform for lively interdisciplinary discussions and the establishment of new collaborations. We strongly encourage PhD students and postdocs to attend the meeting, as it will be an excellent platform for networking and for informal discussions with experts in the field as well as with industrial partners.

Important dates

  • Registration: 15 July 2016
  • Abstract submission to be consider for oral presentation: before 15 July 2016
  • Abstract submission for poster: 15 July 2016

Keynote speakers

Training school

This workshop will be held in conjunction with the training school on "Plant Volatiles: from volatile sampling to data processing".

Flexible child care

We are offering a flexible child care, optionally. An extra-room for playing and sleeping has been set up at iDiv offices in the BIO CITY for child care on-site. Moreover there are numerous children’s playgrounds in the surrounding area, which can be visit with the children if the weather is nice. Find more information here ›

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