The doctoral projects in yDiv are supervised and mentored by supervision teams, also called PhD advisory committees (PAC). In addition to the Principal Investigator (PI, the main supervisor), there should be a minimum of two other PAC members.

All members of the PAC team should be active researchers and hold a PhD degree.To ensure interdisciplinary exchange, at least two PAC members should belong to different iDiv research groups. In line with the central principles of iDiv, one of the PAC members should represent an empirical approach (the “empiricist”) and one a theoretical approach (the “theoretician”).

The entire PAC team will meet regularly (minimum once per year), monitor the work progress of the doctoral researcher and give advise regarding the research project. The PAC is requested to assist the doctoral researcher in all aspects of career planning and help them in networking.

Naturally, the doctoral researcher will organise regular meetings with their PI outside the PAC meetings, and also contact the other PAC members as necessary.

How the PAC process works:

1. Each yDiv doctoral researcher is expected to form their PAC within one month after joining yDiv. The supervision agreement (PDF) must be signed by all supervisors and submitted to the yDiv coordinator.

To find out who would be fitting for your PAC you can use the iDiv skills, a helpful tool to see who especially competent in a certain field.

2. Within three months of joining yDiv, the doctoral researcher must convene their PAC team and also invite the yDiv coordinator for the initial “kick-off” meeting. Before this meeting, the doctoral candidate prepares by filling in the project plan document (PDF). This document is discussed in the meeting, and following the meeting, the doctoral researcher updates it, and when the PAC team agrees on the content, submits it to the yDiv coordinator.

3. Within one year of joining yDiv, the doctoral researcher must convene their PAC team for a meeting to assess the progress made. Prior to the meeting, the doctoral researcher fills in the progress report (PDF). This document is discussed at the meeting, updated by the doctoral researcher following the meeting, and submitted to the yDiv coordinator. Please note that the progress meeting occurs annually, i.e. three times within a normal three-year PhD project.

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