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21 February 2022, 10:00 - 11:30 am

20 / attend 5 sessions and gain 1 CP


Data on personnel recruitment show that in Germany most jobs (31%) are filled through personal contacts. The popular internet job portals, on the other hand, only account for 15%. This shows how important a good network is in the job search!
However, the importance of a professional network is often underestimated by young scientists. Moreover, many often associate networking with negative connotations (e.g. in the sense of "nepotism"). Or they are of the opinion that their scientific achievements and competences speak sufficiently for them and that networking is not necessary. In this way, they give away many opportunities to find an attractive and suitable position.
This short workshop teaches young scientists the importance of networking for their own careers, shows "best practices" and guides them in planning their own networking activities.


Dr. Iris Köhler

... is a certified coach and trainer, has been enthusiastically and competently supporting young scientists in courses and coaching sessions on the topic of career planning since 2017.

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