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9 December 2022,
10:00 - 11:30 am

All at iDiv

up to 40


‘Active Bystander’ is an innovative and award-winning training session which gives you the skills to challenge unacceptable behaviours, including those which may have become normalised over time.

Every session includes:

  • A video demonstrating bystander apathy
  • References to high profile examples of inappropriate/unacceptable behaviour
  • Decision-making techniques to help you overcome fear and self doubt when faced with a challenging situation
  • Assertiveness techniques to give you the confidence and tools to speak out, whether you are dealing with the challenge directly or calling for help from others.

Each session features four scenarios of negative behaviour. We include group discussion and interactivity as part of this. Each delegate receives an ‘Active Bystander’ toolkit booklet in PDF form for online delivery.


This training is delivered by Magali Berger of the Active Bystander Training Company.

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