Events and Networking

In addition to the curriculum, yDiv organises the following events:

meet & write

Our meet & mrite takes place once a month (usually on Fridays), 9:30 am - open end in Interim III, room Metamorphosis. We meet to write (or work on presentations etc.) in structured writing units (using the so called Pomodoro technique) together with other yDivers.
The next date is: 10 January

Write, Talk & Feel Good

Write, Talk & Feel Good is a group writing program for doctoral researchers, which combines structured writing sessions with peer consultations. The first round of the program starts in May 2019.

iDiv Summer School

The iDiv Summer School gives international doctoral researchers the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with leading scientists at iDiv.

Tiffany Knight and Amibeth Thompson are leading the iDiv Summer School 2020 on Pollination Ecology, taking place from 6 to 11 July 2020.

yDiv Retreat

The yDiv annual retreat is an overnight event where you get together to meet other yDiv doctoral researchers and learn about a commonly agreed, important topic related to science. Retreat topics have included career planning, team working and science communication so far.

The next yDiv retreat takes place from 10 to 12 June 2020.

iDiv Annual Conference

The iDiv Annual Conference is the most important iDiv event that brings experienced and aspiring iDiv scientists together. All yDiv students are encouraged to participate at the iDiv conference, present their work and engage in exchange between different scientists and iDiv work groups.

The date for 2019 was 29 to 30 August.

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