yDiv/HIGRADE course: Plan B - How to find your career outside academia



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UFZ LeipzigJune 9-10, 2016; 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

15 / 0,5


Careers in German universities and research institutes are difficult. Towards the end of your PhD or at the beginning of your postdoctoral years you need to decide whether you like to continue your career up to the professor or if you leave academia and public funded research institutes. This step is difficult to the biggest part of PhD candidates because until then they did not find or try alternative career paths.

In the workshop we will first find out which competencies you have gained until now. Based on the competencies we will explore the labour market and develop ideas of job profiles that fit you. You will receive an introduction to the job search and learn to know relevant job listings. Furthermore we will discuss if it might be an alternative to start your own business. In addition we will consider at what point "Plan B" should begin: How long can you manage to leave academia with success?

On June 10, a single or small group coaching (one hour maximum) is offered to provide you the opportunity to ask specific questions that the workshop did not touch.
Please bring an internet-enabled notebook or tablet with you - we will need it for the job search.


Lecturer in charge

Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf

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