yDiv/HIGRADE course: Career Planning and Application in German universities and research institutes



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iDiv Leipzig, room Symbiosis (2nd floor of Interim II, Deutscher Platz 5a)July 11-12, 2016; 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

15 / 0,5


Target group: doctoral or postdoctoral researchers of all fields

Goal: participants will be able to write well-structured and position-fitting applications for positions as scientists, (Junior-)professors and similar jobs in German universities and research institutes and to demonstrate their competencies and achievements in admission processes. You learn how careers of scientists are structured in Germany, what possible career options are and what kind of achievements are expected.

1. How is science career structured in Germany: usually scientists are expected to proceed until they be-come professor. What is expected if you want to do so? How does one become professor in Germany? What are alternative positions in academia and how do you get there?
2. Admission processes: how are they structured for positions as scientists? How does the „Berufungsverfahren“ (process of appointment of professors) work?
3. Competencies and achievements: what are the competencies and achievements of the participants?
4. What is the next step to go on in a successful career in sciences? What are the next achievements need-ed?
5. Written application for positions as scientists (like PostDoc, Akademischer Rat etc.): which parts are necessary? How could it be structured?
6. Written application for (Junior-)Professorships: which parts are necessary? How could it be structured?
7. Job interview: how should I prepare it? How should I act in the interview situation?
8. Lecture in “Berufungsverfahren” for professorships and discussion with the appointment commission: how should I prepare them?

Methods used: Short presentations, talks in small groups and with all participants, exercises, use of worksheets

Course layout: one day of workshop and one day of coaching / training for small groups. The second day small group coaching provides the opportunity to get more detailed advice on written applications or to be trained for job interviews.16 hours altogether (breaks included).


Lecturer in charge

Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf

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