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iDiv Leipzig, room Metamorphosis

4 June, 1 pm-5 pm

12 participants / no CP


Ever wanted to have full version control with all its advantages? Ever wanted to really focus on writing instead of fiddling around with micro-formatting decisions? Ever wanted to sleep better knowing your publication is automatically spell-checked, built (including plots and flowcharts) and deployed? Ever wanted fully integrated, early and frequent reviews? Annoyed by having to send docx or PDF via email to collaborators? Annoyed by cumbersome (re-)integration of changes from reviews?

In case you answer any of these questions with OH, YES, PLEASE! this is your opportunity to learn how to do it all in one set up!

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to write documents in the simple, yet flexible Markdownlightweight markup language
  • How to convert that Markdown source with pandoc to different targets, most notably a high quality typeset PDF document (exactly like you get with LaTeX)
  • Using the git version control system to track changes to the document
  • Using the GitLab web interface for a modern way to organize, communicate and review
  • Using the GitLab continuous integration pipelines to automatically spell-check, (re)generate visualization (e.g. to plot data from CSV sources), build the document and deploy it to cloud storage

Requirements: It would be helpful to have a basic understanding of the git version control system and to know how to use the command line interface.


Christian Krause

Christian is a technical employee (HPC Cluster) at the General IT support (GSU) and offers scientific computing services at iDiv.


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