Voice and rhetoric training for female scientists



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Symbiosis, Interim II at iDiv Leipzig

November 26+27, 2015 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

15 students /

0,5 ECTS credits


In this course we'll focus on a convincing rhetoric, authentic body language and an expressive voice.

Being able to present your line of reasoning clearly and convincingly is one precondition for this. Another is to get your audience (small or large) or your discussion partner to concentrate on what is being said.

Your appearance and your voice are your most essential calling cards. They communicate your persona via your pitch, timbre and volume level.
That's why volume and speech influence how our message is received or how we come across to our audience. It is therefore all the more important for you to know and be able to handle this most valuable instrument.

We'll work on for instance

• the "read threat"

• your rhetoric skills

• poise

• authentic body language

• expressive facial expression

• effective gestures

• a solid base


Further we'll have a closer look on

• the right posture to develop the best timbre,

• improving your breathing technique,

• how to handle "stage fright"

• getting to know your own pitch,

• conserving and preserving the voice,

• voice modulation and how to utilize moments of pause,

• clear articulation.


Lecturer in charge
Dr. Martina Kloepfer


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