Theoretical Ecology and Computer Simulation



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Jena, Fürstengraben 1, room 275

2-6/23-27 September 2019,
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

8 /
2 per week


This course is about mathematical modelling of ecological systems. The course is NOT about statistical modelling! The course requires basic knowledge in using R, a laptop to install specialised R-packages, a pen, paper, and an open mind towards mathematics. Topics are:

Week 1 (2-6 September):

1) One-species population models and introduction in R

2) The spruce-budworm model and alternative stable states

3) Modelling competition

4) Predator-prey models

5) Trophic cascades and the green world hypothesis


 Week 2 (23-27 September):

6) The Meta-Population framework

7) From Meta-Communities to Meta-Ecosystems

8-10) Own projects and project presentation

Doctoral researchers can choose to take part in the first or in both weeks.The second week only is not recommended. In any case, please bring your own laptop!


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