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iDiv Leipzig, Metamorphosis in Interim III

September 27, 2019, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

12 / 0.25 CP


What does it mean to think about master students’ work as a learning process?
At the beginning of the supervision process: How to find out the competencies and motivations of master students? How to clarify and explain my expectations? How to set goals? Why should I and how could I show them criteria for grading?
During the process: How to support them by teaching hard and soft skills and giving and receiving feedback. How to deal with difficulties and conflicts? How to collaborate with the first / second reviewer? How to deal with time constraints?
At the end: How to support the writing process? How to grade them? If needed: How to grade their defence?
Different roles – different strategies: What is my role as supervisor? How to bring in line my ideas of supervision, my behaviour and my communication?

Didactic aims/ competencies gained
After this course, participants know how to supervise master students in a structured and professional way, how to give feedback and how to evaluate and grade the master student thesis.

Didactic elements
Short presentations, talks in small groups and with all participants, worksheets, exercises, self-reflection.


Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf

Matthias Schwarzkopf has been head of the training centre for teachers in academia at Jena University. He has several years of experience as career counsellor of scientists.

Schwarzkopf - Coaching and Training

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