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Metamorphosis, Interim III at iDiv Leipzig

22-23 November 2018, 9am-5pm

5-15 students / 0.5 CP


This is aimed at participants of the iDiv conference to train the format of Ignite Talks. Since it is necessary to convey the information, the presentation of high quality data has arguably a similar importance as its production and should be something scientists are skilled at and feel comfortable with. Have a look at the workshop programme!

Didactic aims/ competencies gained

Introduction of the 4 laws of communication: use a storyline, adapt to the audience, increase signal to noise, use effective redundancy. Identification of central message as key element, including peer feedback, networking. Identifiying common mistakes, underlining the key importance of the storyline. Do´s and don´ts: Key elements of slide setup, storyline, body language and framework / technology. How to answer questions, how to flexibly adapt to the audience and the frame. Participants develop feedback rules and present their slides. Audience subgroups give feedback on 1) storyline, 2) slide composition and 3) body language and voice.

Didactic elements

Hands-on sessions, practical exercises, activities, short interactive lectures, training

Active participation is key for best learning experience and comprises a large part of the course. E.g. students will get feedback on presentations that they give.


Lecturer in charge
Dr Daniel Mertens

Dr Mertens is a biochemist, lecturer and is currently leading two research groups at the DKFZ and the University Ulm (www.mertens-lab.de) and with that he is an advanced skills trainer with more than 25 years of experience (www.scientistsneedmore.de).



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