How to Become a Juniour Group Leader



Course Dates

Students admitted / Credit Points

The course is fully booked!

Red Queen, iDiv Leipzig

12 November 2018, 9 am-4 pm

5-15 people/0.25 CP


This workshop aims to show you all the tools you need to get a position as junior group leader and is suitable for both doctoral researchers and postdocs. It is jointly organized and co-financed by yDiv and iDiv Scientific Coordination.

Didactic aims/ competencies gained
The course aims to offer guidance for each step needed to become a junior group leader. Starting with the development of goals for your academic career, over identifying the best position to apply, the whole application process, application strategy and needed documents to advice on how to manage interview situations. 

Didactic elements
This course features interactive lectures, challenging activities outside of the comfort zone and review sessions, which will provide a variety of first-hand learning situations allowing to participants to identify and take away relevant lessons.


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