yDiv/TreeDì course: Women in Leadership



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1-2 December 2020
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

12 / 0.5 CP


Being a leader has its own challenges. It takes good communication skills, the ability to give and receive feedback, some courage and trust in the own strengths as well as empathy and motivation. All these characteristics can be learned and developed. This workshop is tailor-made for female academics who want to learn self-management and team leading. In addition to general leadership topics, we will discuss gender-specific aspects.

  • Leadership Styles and Gender Roles: differences across cultures
  • Situational Leadership: Leading by taking into account team members' competences and engagement levels
  • Gender and Leadership:
    • Are Women better leaders?
      • Research results on the impact of gender of gender on leadership)
    • Who gets heard and why?
      • (Women and Men tend to prefer different conversational rituals. This influences the way they lead, in particular: the way they solve conflicts, negotiate and give feedback


Susanne Dranaz
As certified trainer Susanne has profound expertise in intercultural communication, conflict management and leading intercultural and virtual teams. For the last 20 years she has been helping companies and teams, university students and leaders to refine their communication and conflict resolution skills, to reflect on their own cultural imprints and attitudes and to work successfully across differences and distance.

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