Fire Ecology



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iDiv Leipzig, room Metamorphosis in Interim III

3-6 February 2020, 9 am - 12 pm

30 / 0.5 CP


Species adaptations to fire, fire regimes of global biomes, human impacts on fire regimes, fire-climate feedbacks, field and remote sensing methods in fire ecology

Competences gained

Understanding of how fire affects plant community patterns and dynamics, overview of basic methods in fire ecology, critical thinking about fire-climate change feedbacks.

This is a joint course by yDiv and HIGRADE, the graduate school of the UFZ.


Chhaya Werner

Chhaya Werner is a postdoc in the PhyDiv group at iDiv. Her PhD dissertation focused on how plant communities regenerate after fire, and how drought, competition, and herbivory can affect those regeneration patterns. Her fire ecology work has spanned conifer forest, shrublands, and African savannah. She has given guest lectures on fire ecology at University of California, Davis.

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