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Metamorphosis/Lounge/BBZ SR 2, Interim III and BBZ at iDiv Leipzig

28/29 November 2019

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During the yDiv Career Days, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at iDiv will be offered the opportunity to focus on their career planning. Two days consisting of workshops, individual coaching and talks by employees from different working areas will be organised.

Please find the preliminary programme here.

Day 1 (28 November)

Workshop Academic Career: Taking the next steps in your research career – identify your strengths and develop your unique selling point

28 November9:30 - 17:00Room: Metamorphosis


Many scientists are unaware of the unique skill set they have developed doing research. Every researcher has special talents that will allow him or her to reach the next career level. Key is to identify these strengths and turn them together with the skills the researcher has already acquired, their interests and values into unique selling point(s). The goal is to use several transition jobs to ultimately secure the ideal position(s) that suits the researcher best.

Lecturer Workshop Academic Carreer

Dr Daniel Mertens

Workshop Non-academic Career: „Goodbye academia?“ - It has been a pleasure

28 November9:30 - 17:00Room: Lounge


Have you enjoyed research and teaching in the past years, but now you think it is time to change? Or you are just fed up, but are aware that frustration alone will not lead to a smooth transition out of academia. Maybe you are not sure yet whether to stay in academia or not, but would like to learn more about other possibilities before making any decision? In this course, which has been specifically developed for PhD students and postdocs in the natural sciences, we will not only broaden your view about everything you can do with your qualification, but also give you practical tips on how to reach your personal goals.


Dr Karin Bodewits

Career Talks and Get Together

28 November17:30 - 19:30Room: BBZ room SR 2


Employees from different working areas will talk about their career paths and give advice for your own career planning. After the talks will be a get-together with the speakers for individual talks (snacks and drinks will be provided).






Dr Corinna Rickert, Researcher at German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)

Dr Rickert studied biology with a focus on nature conservation, hydrobiology & fisheries sciences and public law and did her PhD in landscape ecology. Subsequently she gained experience in project management in an environmental planning office with focus on network expansion onshore and offshore as well as coastal protection measures. Since December 2017 she has been a research associate at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. Tasks there include nature conservation analysis and assessment of the environmental impacts of electricity grid expansion with a focus on species and area protection.





Dr Monika Zwerger, Programme Officer at German Research Foundation (DFG)

Monika Zwerger studied Biology at Heidelberg University and worked during her postdoctoral studies in laboratories within the US and Switzerland. She then switched from academic research to science administration, obtained a Masters degree in 'Higher Education and Research Management', and is currently working as a Programme Officer at the German Research Foundation.





Dr Christina Jenkins, Data scientist at Klarna

CJ Jenkins, is a data scientist at Klarna, the most valuable fintech in Europe. Her current focus is on credit modeling in the US market. Before that she was at N26, a leading mobile only bank based in Berlin with over 3 million customers. Prior to N26, CJ spent 12 years working as an academic, researching the evolutionary processes that drive parasites to adapt to organisms. Her experiences in academia lend a fresh perspective when considering how machine learning can be utilized in banking.




Prof Malin Pinsky, Associate Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers University

Day 2 (29 November)

Career Coaching

Individual coaching Academic Career (only 5 places available)

29 November9:30 - 17:10Room: Metamorphosis


In these personal sessions, we will discuss your specific career situation. You will be able to profit from the extensive experience and creativity of Daniel Mertens as mentor, adviser and consultant of PhD students, postdocs and group leaders. Together, we will identify solutions and the next steps in your career!

You can choose between 60 and 90 minutes per individual session.


Dr Daniel Mertens

Individual coaching Non-academic career (only 5 places available)

29 November9:30 - 17:10Room: Lounge


Learn how to identify your skills, interests and values, get individual feedback on your CV, how to present yourself in a job interview.

You can choose between 60 and 90 minutes per individual session.


Dr Karin Bodewits

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