Building R packages with Rstudio and GitHub



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Online and iDiv Leipzig, room B.00.04

7 December, 9:30 am - 6 pm, online
8 December, 9:30 am - 6 pm, online or on-site

10 / 1 CP


The course guides through the process of building and R package using the RStudio tool chain, starting from conceptualization until publication. We will provide example data and code, but encourage the students to bring their own data and code.
After this course, students will

1. understand the structure of R packages and the process of building them

2. be familiar with the up-to-date toolchain to provide R code and data as package via CRAN

3. be familiar with common tools for packaging, including roxygen2, devtools, and GitHub

Familiarity with R and basic understanding of R-coding is required


Alexander Zizka is a biogeographer and sDiv postdoc working with the analyses of large-scale spatial biodiversity patterns in R. He is creator and maintainer of multiple R-packages including CoordinateCleaner and speciesgeocodeR.


Steffen Ehrmann is a land-system and biodiversity scientist, an active R user since about 2009. He is developing R packages that deal with spatial data in one way or the other, such as geometr and rasterTools.


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