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The slug Arion lusitanicus greatly prefers feeding the crop Brassica napus than on the wild relative Brassica rapa.To test the hypothesis, that slug herbivory potentially reduces establishment of backcross hybrids, different cross-pollinated hybrids were tested in the field.

In cooperation with the EcoMetEoR platform members Katharina Grosser and Anja Worrich, B.Martina Baaji could elucidated the species and the concentration of glucosinolates in different Brassica lines and hybrids.

Baaij, B.M., Kim, H.K., Grosser, K., Worrich, A., and de Jong, T.J. (2018). Slug herbivory on hybrids of the crop Brassica napus and its wild relative B. rapa. Basic and Applied Ecology 31, 52–60.




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