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AquaDiva (CRC 1076)

The CRC 1076 AquaDiva, which is funded by the German Research Foundation, started in 2013 and focusses on the role of water and biodiversity for shaping the structure, properties, and functions of the subsurface. Using karstic limestone aquifers in the Hainich region in Thuringia as a model system, a team of researchers from the fields of biology, geology, chemistry, and hydrology apply analytical approaches ranging from „omics“ to isotopes and biomarkers, using a combination of complementary field, laboratory and modeling investigations to span the relevant spatial scales.

Research focus

  • To identify processes coupling subsurface diversity and function to surface characteristics (identification of physical, chemical, and biological surface signals)
  • To evaluate the importance of singular and extreme events (e. g. extreme weather, snow melt, disturbances) for subsurface properties

Key data

  • Location: Hainich groundwater observation transect located in the Hainich region, Thuringia
  • Platform type: Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory with investigations of the water-unsaturated zone of soils, and the water-saturated subsurface
  • Research groups involved: 14 subprojects with about 70 scientists


Prof. Dr. Kirsten Küsel(Speaker)

Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Totsche(Speaker)

Prof. Dr. Susan Trumbore(Speaker)

Dr. Maria Fabisch (Scientific coordinator) 

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