Biodiversity and Society

iDiv research aims at a better understanding of the dynamics of biodiversity and ecosystem services in coupled social-ecological systems and the development of effective management strategies. Key elements of these activities are contributions to assessments at the science-policy interface, engaging multiple stakeholders in monitoring, along with research on management and governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

iDiv researchers focus on studying the impact of indirect socio-economic and direct drivers on biodiversity, ecosystem services and thereby human well-being. This includes assessing progress towards the Aichi 2020 targets, valuation of ecosystem services, assessing the effectiveness of protected areas and developing novel ecosystem restoration strategies. 

As ecosystem services are a matter of societal choice, iDiv's research approach is integrative and both inter- and transdisciplinary. iDiv scientists value the fruitful exchange between natural and social sciences within the iDiv consortium and with external partners. Central to iDiv's work is the knowledge exchange between scientists, environmental resource managers, civil society organisations, policy-makers and other stakeholders. Here, iDiv researchers also have a strong focus on citizen science approaches. The work is often developed in the context of international initiatives such as GEO BON, IPBES and the CBD or the development towards a national Living Atlas – Nature Germany.

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