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C. Di Bernardi, A.-M. Thierry, N. E. Eide, D. E. Bowler, L. Rød-Eriksen, S. Blumentrath, L. Tietgen, B. K. Sandercock, Ø. Flagstad, A. Landa

(2021): Fitness and fur colouration: Testing the camouflage and thermoregulation hypotheses in an Arctic mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology 90(5)

H. Bruelheide, F. Jansen, U. Jandt, M. Bernhardt-Römermann, A. Bonn, D. Bowler, J. Dengler, D. Eichenberg, V. Grescho, S. Kellner, R. A. Klenke, S. Lütt, L. Lüttgert, F. M. Sabatini, K. Wesche

(2021): A checklist for using Beals’ index with incomplete floristic monitoring data. A checklist for using Beals’ index with incomplete floristic monitoring data (in press)

R. van Klink, D. E. Bowler, O. Comay, M. M. Driessen, S. K. M. Ernest, A. Gentile, F. Gilbert, K. B. Gongalsky, J. Owen, G. Pe'er, I. Pe'er, V. H. Resh, I. Rochlin, S. Schuch, A. B. Swengel, S. R. Swengel, T. J. Valone, R. Vermeulen, T. Wepprich, J. L. Wiedmann, J. M. Chase

(2021): InsectChange: a global database of temporal changes in insect and arachnid assemblages. Ecology 102(6) *

Bowler, D. E., Eichenberg, D., Conze, K. J., Suhling, F., Baumann, K., Bönsel, A., Bittner, T., Drews, A., Günther, A., Isaac, N. J. B., Petzold, F., Seyring, M., Spengler, T., Trockur, B., Willigalla, C., Bruelheide, H., Jansen, F., Bonn, A.

(2020): Winners and losers over 35 years of dragonfly and damselfly distributional change in Germany. bioRxiv (in press)

Bowler, D. E., M. A. J. Kvasnes, H. C. Pedersen, B. K. Sandercock, E. B. Nilsen

(2020): Impacts of predator-mediated interactions along a climatic gradient on the population dynamics of an alpine bird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 287(1941)

Bruelheide, H., Jansen, F., Jandt, U., Bernhardt-Römermann, M., Bonn, A., Bowler, D., Dengler, J., Eichenberg, D., Grescho, V., Harter, D., Jugelt, M., Kellner, S., Ludwig, M., Wesche, K., Lütt, S.

(2020): Using incomplete floristic monitoring data from habitat mapping programmes to detect species trends. Diversity and Distributions

Eichenberg, D., D. E. Bowler, A. Bonn, H. Bruelheide, V. Grescho, D. Harter, U. Jandt, R. May, M. Winter, F. Jansen

(2020): Widespread decline in Central European plant diversity across six decades. Global Change Biology (in press) *

Kühl, H. S., D. E. Bowler, L. Bösch, H. Bruelheide, J. Dauber, D. Eichenberg, N. Eisenhauer, N. Fernández, C. A. Guerra, K. Henle, I. Herbinger, N. J. B. Isaac, F. Jansen, B. König-Ries, I. Kühn, E. B. Nilsen, G. Pe'er,A. Richter, R. Schulte, J. Settele, N. M. van Dam,M. Voigt, W. J. Wägele, C. Wirth,A. Bonn

(2020): Effective Biodiversity Monitoring Needs a Culture of Integration. One Earth 3(4) *

Marselle, M. R., D. E. Bowler, J. Watzema, D. Eichenberg, T. Kirsten, A. Bonn

(2020): Urban street tree biodiversity and antidepressant prescriptions. Scientific Reports 10(1)

Nilsen, E. B., Bowler, D. E., Linnell, J. D. C.

(2020): Exploratory and confirmatory research in the open science era. Journal of Applied Ecology 57(4), 842-847

Payne, J. C., Buuveibaatar, B., Bowler, D. E., Olson, K. A., Walzer, C., Kaczensky, P.

(2020): Hidden treasure of the Gobi: understanding how water limits range use of khulan in the Mongolian Gobi. Scientific Reports 10(1)

Schleuning, M., E. L. Neuschulz, J. Albrecht, I. M. A. Bender, D. E. Bowler, D. M. Dehling, S. A. Fritz, C. Hof, T. Mueller, L. Nowak, M. C. Sorensen, K. Böhning-Gaese, W. D. Kissling

(2020): Trait-Based Assessments of Climate-Change Impacts on Interacting Species. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35(4)

van Klink, R., Bowler, D. E., Gongalsky, K. B., Swengel, A. B., Gentile, A., Chase, J. M.

(2020): Meta-analysis reveals declines in terrestrial but increases in freshwater insect abundances. Science 368(6489) *

Blowes, S. A., Supp, S. R., Antão, L. H., Bates, A., Bruelheide, H., Chase, J. M., ..., Winter, M., Bjorkman, A. D., Bowler, D. E., ..., Hines, J., Isbell, F., Jones, H. P., Navarro, L. M. et al.

(2019): The geography of biodiversity change in marine and terrestrial assemblages. Science 366(6463), 339-345 *

Bowler, D. E., Bjorkman, A. D., Dornelas, M., Myers-Smith, I. H., Navarro, L. M., ..., Blowes, S. A., Böhning-Gaese, K., Bruelheide, H., ..., Hines, J., ..., Cabral, J. S., Winter, M., Bates, A. E.

(2019): Mapping human pressures across the planet uncovers anthropogenic threat complexes. bioRxiv (in press) *

Bowler, D. E., Heldbjerg, H., Fox, A. D., de Jong, M., Böhning-Gaese, K.

(2019): Long-term declines of European insectivorous bird populations and potential causes. Conservation Biology 33(5), 1120-1130

Jansen, F., Bonn, A., Bowler, D. E., Bruelheide, H., Eichenberg, D

(2019): Moderately common plants show highest relative losses. Conservation Letters (in press) *

Nilsen, E., Bowler, D., Linnell, J.

(2019): Exploratory and confirmatory conservation research in the open science era. EcoEvoRxiv
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