Amanda Ratier Backes

Doctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


P. Kühn, A. Ratier Backes, C. Römermann, H. Bruelheide, S. Haider

(2021): Contrasting patterns of intraspecific trait variability in native and non-native plant species along an elevational gradient on Tenerife, Canary Islands. Annals of Botany

Lembrechts, J. J., J. Lenoir, N. Roth, T. Hattab, A. Milbau, S. Haider, L. Pellissier, A. Pauchard, A. Ratier Backes, R. D. Dimarco, M. A. Nuñez, J. Aalto, I. Nijs

(2019): Comparing temperature data sources for use in species distribution models: From in-situ logging to remote sensing. Global Ecology and Biogeography
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