Amanda Ratier Backes

Doctoral Researcher

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P. Kühn, A. Ratier Backes, C. Römermann, H. Bruelheide, S. Haider

(2021): Contrasting patterns of intraspecific trait variability in native and non-native plant species along an elevational gradient on Tenerife, Canary Islands. Annals of Botany 127(4) *

Lembrechts, J. J., J. Lenoir, N. Roth, T. Hattab, A. Milbau, S. Haider, L. Pellissier, A. Pauchard, A. Ratier Backes, R. D. Dimarco, M. A. Nuñez, J. Aalto, I. Nijs

(2019): Comparing temperature data sources for use in species distribution models: From in-situ logging to remote sensing. Global Ecology and Biogeography 28(11), 1578-1596 *
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