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W. Li, D. U. Hooper, L. Wu, J. D. Bakker, A. T. Gianuca, X. B. Wu, F. Taube, C. Wang, Y. Bai

(2021): Grazing regime alters plant community structure via patch-scale diversity in semiarid grasslands. Ecosphere

Sattler, C., Gianuca, A. T., Schweiger, O., Franzen, M., Settele, J.

(2020): Pesticides and land cover heterogeneity affect functional group and taxonomic diversity of arthropods in rice agroecosystems. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment

Merckx, T., Souffreau, C., Kaiser, A., Baardsen, L. F., Backeljau, T., Bonte, D., Brans, K. I., Cours, M., Dahirel, M., Debortoli, N., De Wolf, K., Engelen, J. M. T., Fontaneto, D., Gianuca, A. T., et al.

(2018): Body-size shifts in aquatic and terrestrial urban communities. Nature

Verbeek, L., Vanhamel, M., van den Berg, E., Hanashiro, F. T. T., Gianuca, A. T., Striebel, M., Lemmens, P., Declerck, S. A. J., Hillebrand, H., De Meester, L.

(2018): Compositional and functional consequences of environmental change in Belgian farmland ponds. Freshwater Biology

Dias, R. A., Gianuca, A. T., Vizentin-Bugoni, J., Gonçalves, M. S. S., Bencke, G. A., Bastazini, V. A. G.

(2017): Livestock disturbance in Brazilian grasslands influences avian species diversity via turnover. Biodiversity and Conservation
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