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Dietrich, P., Schumacher, J., Eisenhauer, N.Roscher, C.

(2022): Eco-evolutionary dynamics modulate plant responses to global change depending on plant diversity and species identity. eLife

P. Dietrich, N. Eisenhauer, P. Otto, C. Roscher

(2021): Plant history and soil history jointly influence the selection environment for plant species in a long-term grassland biodiversity experiment. Ecology and Evolution

P. Dietrich, S. Cesarz, T. Liu, C. Roscher, N. Eisenhauer

(2021): Effects of plant species diversity on nematode community composition and diversity in a long-term biodiversity experiment. Oecologia

Dietrich, P., Cesarz, S., Eisenhauer, N., Roscher, C.

(2020): Effects of steam sterilization on soil abiotic and biotic properties. SOIL ORGANISMS

Dietrich, P., Roscher, C., Clark, A. T., Eisenhauer, N., Schmid, B., Wagg, C.

(2020): Diverse plant mixtures sustain a greater arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi spore viability than monocultures after 12 years. Journal of Plant Ecology

Barry, K. E., H. de Kroon, P. Dietrich, W. Stanley Harpole, A. Roeder, B. Schmid, A. T. Clark, M. M. Mayfield, C. Wagg, C. Roscher

(2019): Linking local species coexistence to ecosystem functioning: A conceptual framework from ecological first principles in grassland ecosystems. In: Nico Eisenhauer, David A. Bohan, Alex J. Dumbrell (Eds.) Mechanisms underlying the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function Advances in Ecological Research

Dietrich, P., Roeder, A., Cesarz, S., Eisenhauer, N., Ebeling, A., Schmid, B., Schulze, E. D., Wagg, C., Weigelt, A., Roscher, C.

(2019): Nematode communities, plant nutrient economy, and life-cycle characteristics jointly determine plant monoculture performance over 12-years. Oikos
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