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Wossen, T., Gatiso, T. T., Kassie, M.

(2019): Estimating returns to fertilizer adoption with unobserved heterogeneity: Evidence from Ethiopia. Food and Energy Security 8(2)

Gatiso, T. T., Ordaz-Németh, I., Grimes, T., Lormie, M., Tweh, C., Kühl, H. S., Junker, J.

(2018): The impact of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) epidemic on agricultural production and livelihoods in Liberia. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 12(8), e0006580

Gatiso, T. T., Vollan, B., Vimal, R., Kühl, H. S.

(2018): If Possible, Incentivize Individuals Not Groups: Evidence from Lab-in-the-Field Experiments on Forest Conservation in Rural Uganda. Conservation Letters 11(1), e12387

Marrocoli, S., Gatiso, T. T., Morgan, D., Nielsen, M. R., Kühl, H.

(2018): Environmental Uncertainty and Self-monitoring in the Commons: A Common-pool Resource Experiment Framed Around Bushmeat Hunting in the Republic of Congo. Ecological Economics 149, 274-84

Vimal, R., Gatiso, T., Mathevet, R.

(2018): Monitoring in Tropical National Parks: The Power of Knowledge. Conservation & Society 16(1), 76-90

Vimal, R., Khalil-Lortie, M., Gatiso, T.

(2018): What does community participation in nature protection mean? The case of tropical national parks in Africa. Environmental Conservation 45(4), 333-41

Gatiso, T. T.

(2017): Households’ dependence on community forest and their contribution to participatory forest management: evidence from rural Ethiopia. Environment, Development and Sustainability 21(1), 181-97

Ordaz-Németh, I., Arandjelovic, M., Boesch, L., Gatiso, T., Grimes, T., Kühl, H. S., Lormie, M., Stephens, C., Tweh, C., Junker, J.

(2017): The socio-economic drivers of bushmeat consumption during the West African Ebola crisis. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11(3), e0005450
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