Dr Zhongguan Jiang

Scholarship Holder
Biodiversity Synthesis

Research Interests


Freshwater fish taxonomy and ecology

Fish diversity (taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity; α, β, γ, ζ, and Dark diversity)

Biodiversity conservation (distributions, patterns and determinants of endangered fish species)

Functional ecology and ecomorphology of freshwater fishes

Short CV


November 2021 - November 2022: Visiting Scholar, Biodiversity Synthesis Lab, iDiv

December 2018 - ongoing: Associate Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Anhui University

July 2015 - November 2018: Lectorate, Dept. of Ecology, Anhui University

September 2010 - June 2015: PhD in Hydrobiology, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications


Jiang Z., Dai B., Wang C., Xiong W., 2020. Multifaceted biodiversity measurements reveal incongruent conservation priorities for rivers in the upper reach and lakes in the middle-lower reach of the largest river-floodplain ecosystem in China. Science of the Total Environment, 739, 140380.

Jiang Z., Wang C., Zhou L., Xiong W., Liu C., 2019. Impacts of pen culture on alpha and beta diversity of fish communities in a large floodplain lake along the Yangtze River. Fisheries Research, 210, 41-49.

Jiang Z., Xu N., Liu B., Zhou L., Wang J., Wang C., Dai B., Xiong W., 2018. Mental concentrations and risk assessment in water, sediment and economic fish species with various habitat preferences and trophic guilds from Lake Caizi, Southeast China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 157, 1-8.

Jiang Z., Brosse S., Jiang X., Zhang E., 2015. Measuring ecosystem degradation through half a century of fish species introductions and extirpations in a large isolated lake. Ecological Indicators, 58, 104-112.

Jiang Z., Zhang E., 2013. Molecular evidence for taxonomic status of the gudgeon genus Huigobio Fang, 1938 (Teleostei: Cypriniformes), with a description of a new species from Guangdong Province, South China. Zootaxa, 3731, 171-182.

iDiv publications


Yin, X., Wu, J., Liu, Y., Chen, X., Xie, C., Liang, Y., Li, J., Jiang, Z.

(2022): Accumulation of microplastics in fish guts and gills from a large natural lake: Selective or non-selective?. Environmental Pollution

Xie, C., Dai, B., Wu, J., Liu, Y., Jiang, Z.

(2022): Initial recovery of fish faunas following the implementation of pen-culture and fishing bans in floodplain lakes along the Yangtze River. Journal of Environmental Management

Wu, J., Yin, X., Liu, Y., Chen, X., Xie, C., Liang, Y., Li, J., Jiang, Z.

(2022): Seasonal variation and ecological risk assessment of microplastics ingested by economic fishes in Lake Chaohu, China. Science of The Total Environment
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