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P. Kumari, P. Dahiya, P. Livanos, L. Zergiebel, M. Kölling, Y. Poeschl, G. Stamm, A. Hermann, S. Abel, S. Müller, K. Bürstenbinder

(2021): IQ67 DOMAIN proteins facilitate preprophase band formation and division-plane orientation. IQ67 DOMAIN proteins facilitate preprophase band formation and division-plane orientation (in press) *

Calf, O. W., Lortzing, T., Weinhold, A., Poeschl, Y., Peters, J. L., Huber, H., Steppuhn, A., van Dam, N. M.

(2020): Slug Feeding Triggers Dynamic Metabolomic and Transcriptomic Responses Leading to Induced Resistance in Solanum dulcamara. Frontiers in Plant Science 11 *

Y. Poeschl, B. Möller, L. Müller, K. Bürstenbinder

(2020): Chapter 20 - User-friendly assessment of pavement cell shape features with PaCeQuant: Novel functions and tools. In: (Eds.) Methods in Cell Biology Academic Press *

Bellstaedt, J., J. Trenner, R. Lippmann, Y. Poeschl, X. X. Zhang, J. Friml, M. Quint, C. Delker

(2019): A Mobile Auxin Signal Connects Temperature Sensing in Cotyledons with Growth Responses in Hypocotyls. Plant Physiology 180(2), 757-766 *

Calf, O. W., Huber, H., Peters, J. L., Weinhold, A., Poeschl, Y., van Dam, N. M.

(2019): Gastropods and Insects Prefer Different Solanum dulcamara Chemotypes. Journal of Chemical Ecology 45(2), 146-61

Knispel, H., Pöschl, Y., Genersch, E.

(2019): Die Immunabwehr bei Infektionen mit Paenibacillus larvae. Tierärztliche Praxis Ausgabe G 47(5), 332 *

Mitra, D., Klemm, S., Kumari, P., Quegwer, J., Moller, B., Poeschl, Y., Pflug, P., Stamm, G., Abel, S., Burstenbinder, K.

(2019): Microtubule-associated protein IQ67 DOMAIN5 regulates morphogenesis of leaf pavement cells in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Experimental Botany 70(2), 529-43

Möller, B., Y. Poeschl, S. Klemm, K. Bürstenbinder

(2019): Morphological Analysis of Leaf Epidermis Pavement Cells with PaCeQuant. In: (Eds.) Plant Cell Morphogenesis Humana, New York, p. 329-349 *

Ristok, C., Poeschl, Y., Dudenhöffer, J.-H., Ebeling, A., Eisenhauer, N., Vergara, F., Wagg, C., van Dam, N. M., Weinhold, A.

(2019): Plant species richness elicits changes in the metabolome of grassland species via soil biotic legacy. Journal of Ecology 107(5), 2240-2254

Nguyen, D., Poeschl, Y., Lortzing, T., Hoogveld, R., Gogol-Döring, A., Cristescu, S. M., Steppuhn, A., Mariani, C., Rieu, I., van Dam, N. M.

(2018): Interactive Responses of Solanum Dulcamara to Drought and Insect Feeding are Herbivore Species-Specific. International journal of molecular sciences 19(12), 3845

Peters, K., Worrich, A., Weinhold, A., Alka, O., Balcke, G., Birkemeyer, C., Bruelheide, H., Calf, O. W., Dietz, S., Duhrkop, K., Gaquerel, E., Heinig, U., Kucklich, M., Macel, M., Muller, C., Poeschl, Y., Pohnert, G., Ristok, C., Rodriguez, V. M., Ruttkies, C., Schuman, M., Schweiger, R., Shahaf, N., Steinbeck, C., Tortosa, M., Treutler, H., Ueberschaar, N., Velasco, P., Weiss, B. M., Widdig, A., Neumann, S., van Dam, N. M.

(2018): Current Challenges in Plant Eco-Metabolomics. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19(5)

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(2017): Unity in defence: honeybee workers exhibit conserved molecular responses to diverse pathogens. BMC Genomics 18(1), 207

Ibañez, C., Poeschl, Y., Peterson, T., Bellstädt, J., Denk, K., Gogol-Döring, A., Quint, M., Delker, C.

(2017): Ambient temperature and genotype differentially affect developmental and phenotypic plasticity in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biology 17(1), 114

Moller, B., Poeschl, Y., Plotner, R., Bustenbinder, K.

(2017): PaCeQuant: A Tool for High-Throughput Quantification of Pavement Cell Shape Characteristics. Plant Physiology 175(3), 998-1017

Trenner, J., Pöschl, Y., Grau, J., Gogol-Döring, A., Quint, M., Delker, C.

(2017): Auxin-induced expression divergence between Arabidopsis species may originate within the TIR1/AFB-AUX/IAA-ARF module. Journal of Experimental Botany 68(3), 539-52
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