Friederike Wölke

Research Assistant

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My master thesis focuses on frugivory and frugivory-related plant traits in the unique assembly of the Malagasy flora. For this, I will visit Madagascar next year in spring to sample fruit and seed traits related to vertebrate-mediated dispersal. Madagascar harbours different ecoregions with an unexampled diversity of plant and animals species and unqiue distribution of such. I will investigate the assembly of the local flora by walking transects in each bioregion. The functioning of malagasy ecosystems are under severe threat from anthropogenic land-use change, mainly deforestation which again causes defaunation. The information I collected will be a helpful tool to compare Madagascar to other tropical realms and identify factors that drive the uniquity of ecosystems on the island.

Before, I worked with microbes in global dryland regions and aimed to determine the drivers of microbial biomass in different desert regions in the world.

Scientific career


  • 2019 - current: Master in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution at Leipzig University
  • 2019 - current: ECOTRON HiWi at AG Experimental Interaction Ecology, iDiv, Leipzig
  • 2019:  Internship in marine invertebrate ecology and evolution at Universidad Catolica del Norte, Coquimbo, Chile
  • 2018:  Bachelor thesis: Determinants of Microbial Respiration and Biomass across global Drylands
  • 2017 - current: HiWi at the Faculty for Life Sciences, Leipzig University, AG Molecular Evolution and Plant Systematics, Herbarium Universitatis Lipsiensis
  • 2016-2019: Bachelor of Science in Biology at Leipzig University

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